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LaFlore Is The First Probiotic Skincare Certified by KIND TO BIOME®

LaFlore Is The First Probiotic Skincare Certified by KIND TO BIOME®

LaFlore Is The First Probiotic Skincare Certified by KIND TO BIOME®

LaFlore® Live Probiotic Skincare is the first probiotic skincare company to be KIND TO BIOME® certified.

KIND TO BIOME®  offers a recognizable mark that assures skin and scalp microbiome gentleness of products and ingredients removing the guesswork for consumers. This international mark of quality has been achieved through rigorous testing and evaluations of the formula’s influences on the skin microbiome. The significance of achieving this level of scientific endorsement provides LaFlore® consumers with the peace of mind that these products have been validated by a team of third-party experts including dermatologists and molecular microbiologists.  

“Due to the current state of cosmetic regulation and as the leader in the emerging category of probiotic skincare we feel that it’s our responsibility to provide unbiased scientific support to claims such as microbiome friendly,” shares Brent Ballard, Chief Operating Officer of Dakota Biotech (LaFlore’s parent company), “This category is here to stay, and consumers need to know being microbiome friendly is more than a marketing term.”

The International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) has also had ongoing discussions and has been evaluating the safety, quality and regulation of cosmetic products targeting the human skin microbiome.

“As the microbiome era starts to unfold, knowledgeable consumers are seeking out truly skin microbiome friendly skincare products. They understand that long term use of harsh skincare products that are not gentle to the skin microbiome and can lead to skin disorders. The KIND TO BIOME® seal provides consumers and spa professionals with dependable third-party assurance as to the skin microbiome gentleness of products,” said Leo Salvi, Head of Science at KIND TO BIOME. 

The Next Generation of Probiotic Skincare

LaFlore® Live Probiotic Skincare helps skin by boosting the beneficial bacteria with LIVE probiotics, not just probiotic extracts, essences, or lysates. LIVE probiotics help the skin microbiome produce postbiotics the skin needs to mend and thrive naturally. These postbiotics include AHA, PHA, BHA, vitamins like retinol, antimicrobial peptides, amino acids, micronutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, ceramides, and more. The ingenuity behind using topical LIVE probiotics instead of lysate only products is that these products work with the individual’s unique skin microbiome to create exactly what it needs rather than making an educated guess, applying products, and hoping the desired results are achieved.

As further support LaFlore® has a patent (US 10,959,950) for encapsulation of LIVE probiotics allowing them to remain dormant for more than two years without the need for refrigeration and are only activated when applied to the skin making them easy to keep in spa treatment rooms.  


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