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At LaFlore®, we use glass for our bottle packaging. These are the approved containers that provide the acceptable environment for our LIVE probiotics to thrive and sustain life for up to 2 years currently. Our glass (when rinsed) and boxes are recyclable and eco-friendly. We are continuing to research and test packaging to find optimal environments for our probiotics on an ongoing basis in order to incorporate 100% eco-friendly options for all of our packaging, including our caps and pumps. We are focused on three areas: 

  • Reducing waste
  • Recyclability
  • Reusability  

Lab and Testing Standards

We use pharmaceutical vs. cosmetic manufacturing standards. 

Unlike pharmaceutical products, cosmetics are not required to undergo any type of third-party testing before being released to market. All that is required for distribution in the U.S. is a list of ingredients and the address of the manufacturing facility, not at LaFlore®.

Our deep roots in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries mean we know what it takes to put a safe and rigorously tested product on the market, and we apply these same best practices to every product we make.


What does that mean for you? 

Every product we make has been thoroughly tested for safety and approved by third-party dermatologists. 

Only then do we release the product to market. 


A Leader in Vegan Skincare

LaFlore® is proud to be certified vegan by PETA. Our vegan skincare offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative in the beauty industry, with key advantages including cruelty-free practices, reduced environmental impact due to the absence of animal-derived ingredients, lower carbon footprints in production, sustainable ingredient sourcing, allergen-friendliness, transparent ethical values, and long-term skin health benefits.

Choosing vegan skincare supports ethical principles, minimizes harm to animals, and promotes a healthier planet while nurturing one's skin with natural, plant-based ingredients.