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About Us

Dakota Biotech was founded on one simple question, “How can we help people live healthier lives?”

While contemplating this question, Dakota Biotech Founder and Chairman, Stephen Buckley, saw an opportunity to bridge health and natural beauty by supporting the intuitive power of the skin microbiome.

“As a trained electrical engineer, I’ve always been fascinated with how things function including the human body,” said Buckley, “When I discovered how mighty the skin microbiome is and how LIVE probiotics can benefit a person’s overall health and happiness, I kept wondering how the two could work together.”

It was then that Buckley sought out a team of scientists and beauty professionals to create a dynamic line of topical LIVE probiotic skincare products that not only worked but were easy to use and would not need to be refrigerated. “It was when we discovered that balancing the skin microbiome through proactive supplementation of LIVE probiotics impacts how the skin looks, feels and functions that I knew we had something special,” said Buckley.

With technology in hand, Buckley founded Dakota Biotech in 2014 and launched its first brand, LaFlore® Live Probiotic Skincare. In 2021, Dakota Biotech further solidified its place at the intersection of health and beauty when it received a patent (U.S. 10,959,950) for the technology that delivers LIVE probiotic cultures and is shelf stable for over two years without the need for refrigeration.

Today, the Dakota Biotech team continues to actively research the skin microbiome as well as LIVE probiotics to see how to best create other healthy microbiomes no matter age, gender, or genetic makeup.

“It is my hope that our company mission to create healthy microbiomes can be a catalyst for the world to understand that the greatest beauty of all is health.”