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Top 10 Therapeutic Uses for Longevity Oil

Top 10 Therapeutic Uses for Longevity Oil

Top 10 Therapeutic Uses for Longevity Oil

LaFlore’s Longevity Oil is one of the most beloved products by our customers. Its list of health and beauty benefits includes:  

  • Supporting skin elasticity and hydration 
  • Helping to clear acne-prone areas and reduce dark spots 
  • Brightening and illuminating while calming inflammation and irritation  

It’s also packed full of botanicals like:  

Contains antioxidants known to soothe and brighten the skin. Because of its astringent properties, the oil helps to tighten and tone, promote elasticity, and clear acne-prone areas such as face, neck and back. Turmeric oil has also been known to help mend skin and even out areas with damage caused by overexposure to sunlight. 

Can help calm inflammation and irritation. 

Helps tighten, reduce dark spots, even skin tone and fights free radicals. 

This dermatologist tested and approved bottle of goodness is not only dynamic in its ingredients it’s also multipurpose. Here are our top 10 therapeutic uses for Longevity Oil.   

  1. After dry brushing 
  2. As an oil cleanser 
  3. Perform a scalp massage 
  4. Hydrate dry cuticles  
  5. Soothe cracked heels and hands 
  6. Super hydration while you sleep 
  7. Perform a facial massage 
  8. Speed up burn recovery 
  9. Add to the bath for overall hydration 
  10. As a body oil  

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LaFlroe Longevity Oil - Strengthen The Skin Barrier

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