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Probiotic Skincare is a Beneficial Solution for Oncology Esthetics

Probiotic Skincare is a Beneficial Solution for Oncology Esthetics

Probiotic Skincare is a Beneficial Solution for Oncology Esthetics 

By Lori Vargas, MBA, Founder of 360 Wellness Education 


The goal of probiotic skincare is to restore the delicate balance of good bacteria that helps the skin achieve a healthy state and heal itself. In Oncology Esthetics, the focus is on selecting safe and effective skincare products that are friendly to oncology treatments. Probiotic skincare products are highly recommended as they provide a supportive solution for oncology skincare treatments and client homecare regimes. 

It is crucial to carefully consider the ingredients present in skincare products used by clients who are living with cancer or have a history of cancer. Due to their weakened immune systems and fragile bodies, they cannot tolerate harmful or toxic substances that may be present in some skincare products. Their weakened condition is a result of anti-cancer therapies, medications, and stress, which makes them more susceptible to harm. Therefore, they require safe and gentle skincare products that will not cause any harm and aid in their recovery. 

Clients undergoing anti-cancer treatment, such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and immunotherapy, may experience a range of skin and hair-related side effects. The skin, the largest organ in the human body, requires gentle and nourishing care to help restore and repair the skin barrier function. Anti-cancer treatments can impact the skin in various ways, including excessive dryness, flaking, itching, rashes, and burns, making the skin extremely sensitive. In addition, some targeted therapies can cause acneiform rash, a reaction to medication that resembles acne. It is essential to choose the right ingredients that can soothe, hydrate, and calm dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin and reduce hot flushes and redness. 

The skincare treatment goals for clients living with cancer or a history of cancer are as follows: 

  • During active anti-cancer treatment, the primary objective is to hydrate, soothe, support, and protect the skin barrier. It is essential to prevent any microtears that may cause infection. 
  • Post-cancer treatment (0-9 months) aims to rebuild, re-strengthen, and restore the skin barrier. Please note that the client's skin will always be sensitive, so be cautious when adding more aggressive treatments. Gradually introduce them to more active treatments and products as they heal, and their healthy tolerance levels increase. 

Anti-cancer treatments can affect the formation of a healthy protective barrier on the skin, which allows microbes that normally live on the skin's surface to penetrate and cause infections. Probiotic skincare products are designed to meet the specific needs of people with compromised skin due to anti-cancer treatments and work by rebalancing the skin's microbiome to protect against infections. When the skin is compromised, harmful bacteria on the skin's surface can thrive and cause infections. Applying prebiotics and probiotics to the skin can help promote the growth of good bacteria, making it difficult for pathogens to colonize the skin's surface. This can prevent conditions that promote infections by repairing dry, itchy or damaged skin and building an adequate barrier on the skin. 

Emily Stutzman, In-House Esthetician at LaFlore Live Probiotic Skincare, shared with us that “LaFlore’s topical live probiotics are the ultimate smart ingredient for those suffering with compromised skin due to anti-cancer treatments because they work with the skin microbiome to rebuild the skin’s immunity while calming inflammation.” 

Probiotic skincare is an excellent choice for oncology skincare treatments and can be supportive of your client's homecare routine. These products not only hydrate, soothe, and protect the skin barrier but also help strengthen compromised skin. It is crucial to prevent microtears that may cause infection, and probiotic skincare can help rebuild, re-strengthen, and restore the skin barrier.

360 Method Oncology Esthetics and Skincare Treatments Training and Certificate


Our training includes a full menu and procedural manual, allowing you to kick off your Oncology Esthetics business with a turnkey solution. Earn 6 CEUs while learning to perform nine safe Oncology Skincare Treatments and earn an Oncology Esthetics Certificate. Oncology Esthetics is a branch of skincare that focuses on the impact of anti-cancer therapies on the skin. It provides estheticians with the necessary knowledge to modify techniques and ingredients to provide safe skincare treatments to clients with a history of cancer or currently living with cancer. By learning oncology skincare treatments, you can offer compassionate care to clients experiencing side effects of anti-cancer therapies. The training covers techniques and ingredient modifications to ensure safe oncology skincare treatments.  


   About the Author, Lori Vargas, MBA (she/her/hers) 

Lori Vargas, founder of 360 Wellness Education has developed over 80 modality online training courses and 10 modality procedural manuals. She has over 20 years in the spa industry as a founder of multiple spas, a massage school, and a spa consultant. She also has 14 years of experience guiding Fortune 500 Companies with corporate strategies and business development. Lori holds a CPA and MBA from the University of Chicago. 

To complement her online 360 Wellness Education courses, Lori has created an educational community focused on connections and growth through the Advanced Education Membership Plan  and Business Workshops Calendar. This live webinar series focuses on business start-ups and development, sharing valuable insight, advice, and templates to jumpstart business growth and maximize success. 

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