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Benefits of Skin Minimalism as an Esthetician

Benefits of Skin Minimalism as an Esthetician

Benefits of Skin Minimalism as an Esthetician

Skin minimalism isn't completely new to the skincare world, but it has been on trend and hitting headlines as the top skincare trend of 2023. It doesn’t take much scrolling to find influencers featuring their minimalistic approach on TikTok or beauty tutorials featuring the theory on YouTube and Instagram. In fact, skin minimalism has also hit the headlines of major publications like Allure, Vogue, and Elle in recent months. Even CNBC featured an influencer breaking down her skincare routine and how she was getting her desired results with a minimal number of products. With all this chatter as an esthetician you may be wondering how to integrate it into your spa and conversations.  

First, let’s get clear what skin minimalism movement entails. Typically, minimalism is defined in a few short words - simple, clean, and basic. Minimalism can also be seen in homes and workspaces, and wardrobes. Minimalism overall, is said to reduce stress and provide the ability to prioritize what’s important through simplicity. What exactly does that mean from the esthetician’s standpoint? 

We’d all love to have our clients complete 7-10 steps of skin care every night to help support what we’re doing in the treatment room, but unfortunately the majority of our clients will not. In fact, with an excess number of products and a lengthy skincare routine, the skin can become overloaded and has the tendency to overreact. This is where skin minimalism can help. By providing your clients with a home care system like LaFlore’s 3-Step Kit you are encouraging consistency. This kit has been created to provide everything the skin needs to mend and thrive naturally including topical LIVE probiotics. By encouraging a home care system that is in alignment with the skin minimalism movement you will have more clients who see results with less stress and effort. After all, washing their face then applying LIVE probiotics at night then rinsing their face in the morning and applying moisturizer takes less than 10 minutes to complete.  

It's also important to consider if your clients are spending less on home care, they are going to be more willing to invest in additional spa treatments. Which in the long term will make you more money and they will get better results because their skin will be able to recover more quickly.  

Ultimately, skin minimalism can be a significant tool in creating lasting success for you, your clients, and your business. It allows clients to feel more in control of their routine, boosts their confidence and visible results, improves your relationship with them, increases their ability to invest in more invasive treatments and more.  

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